Toshiba Fire TV Not Finding Cable Channels [Quick Fix]

You just got a new Toshiba Fire TV and you’re all pumped up to enjoy some quality TV time with your friends and family. Then after setting it up, your Toshiba Fire TV could not find any cable channels. Or you’ve been using the Fire TV for some time now but your cable channels just disappeared all of a sudden.

Toshiba Fire TV Edition

Whatever the situation may be, I’ve put together some tips in this post to help you overcome this problem. Let’s get started.

If your Toshiba Fire TV isn’t finding cable channels, a quick way to resolve this problem is to power cycle your device and adjust the antenna.

If this doesn’t work, don’t fret. Keep reading for more details on how to resolve this issue.

How To Fix Toshiba Fire TV ‘Not Finding Cable Channels’ Issue

Scan For Channels On your Fire TV

This is the first idea that comes to mind but perhaps you’re doing it wrongly or don’t know how to scan for channels. Keep in mind that you can get local channels via an antenna or a cable box, whichever one you are using, scanning for channels should be a breeze.

More so, the compatibility of your Fire TV with a cable, antenna, or satellite varies by device. So, you will need to run a check to see which TV source is compatible with your Toshiba Fire TV.

Follow the steps below to scan for channels on your Toshiba Fire TV:

  • Connect your cable or antenna to the input of the Fire TV using a coaxial cable.
  • Launch the Settings app from the Home Screen.
  • Select Live TV then click on Antenna or Cable.
  • Hit Channel Scan and follow the on-screen prompts.

Additionally, to check what is currently airing, use the Live Tab or On Now row on your Home Screen. Or you can use the Channel Guide button on your remote control.

Once the channel scan is complete, check if the channels are showing. If nothing comes up then the next step might fix it.

Power Cycle Your Device

Another way to resolve this issue is to power cycle your TV. Power cycling a device usually helps to resolve software glitches and refresh hardware components to function properly.

Here’s how to power cycle your Toshiba Fire TV:

  • Disconnect the power cord of your Toshiba Fire TV from the power outlet.
  • Wait a few minutes.
  • Connect the power cord to the power source.

You can also power cycle your Fire TV by going to Settings > Device > Restart. Then your device will shut down and reboot automatically.

Once it’s turned on, wait a few minutes so it can load up the system resources, then you can proceed to Auto scan for the cable channels. If you were not able to find any cable channels then try the next solution.

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Adjust Your Antenna

Your Antenna may be unable to find any channel because of signal congestion or obstructions in your area. This could also occur if your home is far from the broadcast tower.

So, it’s a good practice to shift your antenna to a different direction or move it to a different location if it is an indoor antenna.

You can have someone scan the channels while you adjust your antenna or do it yourself after each trial.

You can download a station locator app on your Apple or Android devices to make it easier.

This should help you with the list of local channels available in your location and where the nearest broadcast tower can be found. After this, you can scan for channels but if your Fire TV comes up with nothing, then move on to the next section.

Select the Correct Input

Selecting the right input source is crucial to getting cable channels on your Fire TV.

Ensure that your device is connected to the right input source or if you are setting it up for the first time, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Devices.
  • Select TV > HDMI control option.
  • Interchange the HDMI input sources.

If this doesn’t help, move on to the next step.

Check the Cable Connection

Here is another troubleshooting solution that has worked for most users and might just be your best bet.

Ensure that your cables are connected correctly before scanning for channels. A recommended setup will be to connect a High-Definition cable box to the coaxial cable and run the HDMI cable from the cable box to the Fire TV HDMI input.

Also, remember to switch your Fire TV input to HDMI for this process to yield a positive result. The downside is that you cannot change channels or settings without a cable box remote control.

However, some users have had access to local channels by simply plugging in the coaxial cable directly to their Toshiba Fire TV. The problem might also stem from faulty cables, so make sure your cables are in top condition before making any connection.

You should look out for any possible signs of wear and tear like cracking, bending, or fraying of the cables.

This can make your device unable to find any local channel or worse lead to power issues. That is, if the power cables are affected. In either case, you will have to replace the cables with new ones to fix the problem.

Once everything is set, hit the Auto Scan button, most likely, your favorite channels should be on air now. If not, continue to the next step.

Update Your Fire TV

You may experience some problems with your Toshiba TV if the system has new updates and you’re yet to update.

Follow the steps below to check and update your Toshiba Fire TV:

  • Go to the Home Screen.
  • Locate Settings and click on it.
  • Move down to Device and Software.
  • Select About.
  • Click on System version > Check for System update.
  • Hit Install if a new update is available.

Factory Reset your Fire TV

If you have exhausted all the solutions above and come up with nothing, it might be just the right time to factory reset your Fire TV.

Before proceeding with this step, ensure that you have backed up all your relevant files, videos, and pictures to external storage. As this action will clear your entire personal data, in-app purchases, and files.

Then you will have to set up your Toshiba Fire TV just as when you first bought it. This has proven over time to be a one-stop solution for most software issues on the Toshiba Fire TV.

Follow the procedures below to factory reset your device:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Reset to Factory Defaults from the available options.
  • Hit Reset and confirm your decision.

After restoring your Fire TV factory settings, login into your Amazon account and then run an Auto scan which should find the local channels in no time.

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How do I scan for cable channels on Fire TV?

You can scan for cable channels on Fire TV by doing the following:

  • Plug in a supported Live TV source to the input of your Fire TV using a coaxial cable.
  • Press the Home button and navigate to Settings
  • Select Live TV and choose Antenna or Cable.
  • Click on Channel Scan and wait for your Fire TV to search for the available cable channels.

Why is my Toshiba TV not picking up channels?

Your Toshiba TV might not be picking up channels because of an incorrect cable connection, wrong input source, faulty antenna or cable box, or system bug. If it is a minor system glitch then power cycle your device to pick up channels.

How do I connect my Toshiba TV to cable?

Follow the steps below to connect your Toshiba TV to the cable box:

  • First, plug the coaxial cable into your cable box.
  • Connect an HDMI cable to your cable box and then to the HDMI port on your Toshiba TV.
  • Switch your Toshiba TV input source to HDMI.

Can my Fire TV remote control my cable box?

No, your Fire TV remote cannot control your cable box. You will have to purchase a dedicated remote from your cable company to change channels and access the Fire TV settings.

Final Words

I hope you’ve gained value from this post and were able to enjoy quality entertainment from your Live TV. Ultimately, these hacks above should be sufficient to fix your Toshiba Fire TV that isn’t finding cable channels.

If you are unable to get any Live feed or just a few channels, contact Amazon Support or post your query on the Amazon community for quality feedback.