RCA Universal Remote Codes for Toshiba TVs [How to Find Specific Codes]

RCA universal remotes are known for their compatibility with several devices, including Toshiba TVs.

These remotes eliminate the need to juggle multiple remote controls by consolidating control over your TV, cable/satellite box, DVD player, and other home entertainment devices into a single device.

RCA Remote for Toshiba TV

If you have just gotten an RCA universal remote control but are stuck finding the code to program it to your Toshiba TV, this post is for you.

In this post, I will guide you through the process of finding RCA universal remote codes specifically designed for Toshiba TVs, ensuring hassle-free control over your television. Let’s get started.

Finding RCA Universal Remote Codes for Toshiba TVs

To program your RCA universal remote control to work with your Toshiba TV, you’ll need the correct remote code. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the appropriate code:

1. Check the RCA Remote Manual

The first place to look for remote codes is the manual that comes with your RCA universal remote.

Locate the section dedicated to programming and finding remote codes. In most cases, the manual will include a list of codes for different TV brands, including Toshiba.

2. Use the RCA Remote Code Finder

If you can’t find the manual or it doesn’t include Toshiba codes, you can utilize the RCA Remote Code Finder tool available on the RCA website. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the RCA Remote Code Finder page (https://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/remote-code-finder/)
  • Select TV as the device type.
  • Choose Toshiba from the list of brands.
  • Follow the instructions on the page to find the correct code for your specific Toshiba TV model.

3. Trial and Error Method

If the manual or code finder tool doesn’t provide the appropriate code, don’t worry! You can still use the trial and error method. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on your Toshiba TV.
  • Press and hold the Code Search button on your RCA universal remote until the indicator light turns on.
  • Press the TV button on your RCA remote. The indicator light should remain on.
  • Enter the three-digit code corresponding to Toshiba TVs, provided in the manual or from the code finder tool, using the number buttons on your remote.
  • If the code is correct, the indicator light on your RCA remote will turn off.
  • Test the remote by pressing some functions, such as volume up/down or power to ensure it’s working correctly. If it doesn’t, repeat steps 2-5 with a different code from the list until you find the one that works.

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Wrapping Up

Owning an RCA universal remote control can simplify your home entertainment experience, especially when paired with your Toshiba TV.

Follow the steps outlined in this post to find the correct RCA universal remote codes for Toshiba TVs, allowing you to effortlessly control your TV and other devices with a single remote.

Remember, the universal remote code might vary depending on your Toshiba TV model. Therefore, it’s essential to refer to the manual or use the code finder tool to ensure compatibility.