How To Fix Lip Sync on Toshiba TV

Lip sync issues on a TV can be a frustrating experience, especially when the audio and video seem to be out of rhythm. Fortunately, resolving this problem doesn’t require a degree in rocket science.

To fix lip sync on Toshiba TV, you might need to check the cable connection or just adjust the audio settings of the TV or the audio source.

In this guide, I’ll explain, in detail, how to fix lip sync on a Toshiba TV.

how to fix lip sync on Toshiba TV

Understanding Lip Sync Issues

Lip sync, or audio-video synchronization, refers to the alignment of on-screen actions with the corresponding sound. When there’s a delay between what you see and what you hear, it can disrupt the overall enjoyment of your favorite shows or movies.

Common Causes of Lip Sync Issues on Toshiba TVs

Here are some common causes of lip sync issues on a Toshiba TV:

  • Audio/Video Processing Delays: The time it takes for your TV to process audio and video signals can vary, and it can lead to synchronization issues. Besides, most Toshiba TVs have an “AV Sync Tuning” option in the sound settings. You might need to manually adjust the slider to sync the audio and video on the TV.
    HDMI Cables: Low-quality or damaged HDMI cables can also hinder the transmission of audio and video signals, causing delays.
  • Audio Receiver Settings: If you use an external audio receiver, mis-configured settings can also lead to synchronization problems. That is, incompatible audio formats between the source and TV can cause sync issues. 

Now, let’s talk about the solutions!

How To Fix Lip Sync on Toshiba TV

Here are ways to fix lip sync on your Toshiba TV:

1. Check HDMI Connections

To fix lip sync on a Toshiba TV, start with the basics. Ensure your HDMI cables are in good condition and securely connected. Here are things you need to do:

  • Inspect HDMI Cables: Examine your HDMI cables for any visible damage. Replace them if necessary. Also, if you use a low-quality cable, consider replacing it with a high-quality one.
  • Check for Secure Connections: Confirm that all HDMI connections are firmly in place. Note that a loose connection can contribute to synchronization issues.

2. Adjust Audio Delay Settings

Toshiba TVs often provide settings to adjust audio delay. Let’s tap into this feature to bring the TV’s audio and video back in sync. Here are the things to do to adjust the audio delay settings of your Toshiba TV to fix lip sync:

  • Access Settings: Grab your remote and press the “Menu” button. On some models, you might navigate to “Settings” directly from the home screen.
  • Find Sound Options: Look for a menu like “Sound,” “Audio,” or “Audio Settings.”
  • Locate AV Sync Setting: Within the sound options, search for “AV Sync,” “Lip Sync,” or “Audio Delay.” This setting allows you to fine-tune the timing between audio and video.
  • Adjust the Delay: Use the on-screen controls or arrow buttons to adjust the audio delay value. Some TVs offer numerical adjustments, while others use a visual bar with “Early” and “Late” ends.
  • Test and Fine-tune: Play some video content and pay attention to whether the audio and video align correctly. Slowly adjust the delay value until the lip sync feels natural and the audio matches the visuals.
  • Save and Exit: Once satisfied, navigate back to the main menu or exit the settings. The adjusted delay setting should be saved automatically.

Tip: If your TV lacks specific audio delay settings, check your external audio device (if used) for similar adjustments.

3. Update Firmware

Firmware updates can address bugs and enhance overall system performance, potentially resolving lip sync issues. To update the firmware of a Toshiba TV, go to your TV settings and find the system or software update section. If updates are available, proceed to install them. Follow on-screen prompts for a seamless update.

4. Reset Audio/Video Settings

Sometimes, tweaking settings might lead to unintended consequences. In this instance, resetting to default can be a quick solution. To reset a Toshiba TV, access your TV settings and look for an option to perform a factory reset. After the reset, reconfigure your audio and video settings. This may help eliminate any unintentional misconfigurations causing synchronization problems.

5. Consider External Audio Sync Devices

For more precise control over audio delay, you might want to invest in external audio sync devices. These devices allow you to fine-tune audio delay, providing a customized solution to sync issues. Mind you, ensure that the external device is compatible with your Toshiba TV and follows the manufacturer’s instructions for setup.

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Final Note

Resolving lip sync issues on your Toshiba TV doesn’t require technical wizardry. In most cases, you either have to check connections, adjust settings, update firmware, and consider external solutions. You can bring audio and video back into harmony by working on, at least, one of the following.