Product specifications.

Security Camera
  • 1080p Full HD, wide-angle, low light camera
  • Physical camera privacy cover
  • Security siren, audible alarm
  • Sound- and motion-based smart phone alerts
  • Two-way remote communication with app
  • Built-in environment sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, ambient light)
  • Smart alerts and notifications
Smart Sound Detector
  • Get alerts on your smart phone from both connected and legacy devices (e.g., smoke alarms)
  • Makes your existing legacy alarms part of the system
  • Alerts you to noise (e.g., baby monitoring, elder care)
Wi-Fi® Streaming Speaker
  • High-excursion speaker with high quality audio processing
  • Popular music CSPs (e.g., Amazon Music, iHeart Radio®, Pandora®, Tune-in)
  • Local Bluetooth® music playback
Voice Control with Amazon® Alexa
  • Touch-free voice activation
  • Proprietary far-field voice recognition
  • Amazon® Alexa voice control
  • Amazon® Alexa information services
  • Natural language interface
Digital Hub
  • Wi-Fi®, ZigBee® and Z-Wave® wireless radio technology
  • Supports a variety of third-party IoT devices
  • Quad Core CPU enables full expandability to add dozens of smart home devices
  • Built-in home environment sensors
  • Compatible with iOS and Android™
  • Provides simple control of multiple smart devices around your home
  • Wi-Fi®, 2.4GHz (5GHz)
  • Two-way remote communication
    • Call from Smart Phone to Symbio™
    • Call from Symbio™ to Smart Phone
  • Get alerts from crying baby using loud noise detector
  • Activate music remotely

Monitor baby. Get alerts from legacy smoke detectors.

Control smart devices such as fans, air conditioning and more.

Keep an eye on what matters most.

Ask questions. Control music and smart home devices. Get reminders, and more.

Communicate to another area of your home.

Enjoy your favorite music, news, ebooks and more.

Control devices throughout your home.

Control any connected device using smart outlets.