Symbio is your security camera.

With Symbio™ you can keep an eye on children, pets and the babysitter so you can have peace of mind, wherever you are. What’s more, you can get motion-based alerts about intruders or stream live HD video and access video history from your smartphone at any time. It’s perfect for baby monitoring, checking on aging parents and overall home security monitoring.

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Symbio is your smart speaker.

With built-in access to almost limitless streaming music from leading services like Amazon Music, Pandora®, and iHeart Radio®, you can enjoy all your favorite virtual playlists anytime you want—or use it as a Bluetooth® speaker to stream music without connecting to Wi-Fi®. Thanks to an exclusive ODMD (Onkyo Double Molding Diaphragm) full-range driver, custom designed by our partner, Onkyo, you’ll enjoy beautiful vocals, rich bass, precise reproduction and a rich, immersive sound that will brighten your day.


Symbio is voice control with Amazon® Alexa.

Put your phone down when cooking, cleaning or playing with the kids and let Symbio™ handle your requests instead. With simple voice commands, Alexa can answer your questions, play music, quote a recipe, set timers or read an audio book from Audible. Discover new music just by asking, or raise and lower volume—all by voice. Ask for weather and traffic updates, control lights and climate, order a pizza or check movie times—all hands-free.


Symbio is your smart sound detector.

Receive key sound alerts through the device to your phone such as when a baby is crying, a dog barks or a loud crash occurs.

It can even recognize and send an alert when the alarm from a legacy smoke detector activates.


Symbio is your intercom.

Symbio™ built-in microphones and speaker make two-way communication a breeze. You can also make hands-free voice calls to family members’ smart phones to relay a message, make a request or just stay connected.

smart hub
smart hub

Symbio is your smart home hub.

Control all the smart devices in your home with a single hub, a single app and the power of your voice. Symbio™ makes it easy. You can also unleash® the full power of Symbio™ and customize the smart home of your dreams by connecting more smart home devices and automating them with rules. The expansion is virtually limitless. Receive alerts from connected devices. Set them to turn on or off when doors open, as people come and go, and much more.

One app controls it all.

With the Toshiba Smart Home app, you can view real-time video, control all Symbio™ connected devices, get instant alerts of motion and sound, plus take actions remotely. You can even customize rules for different modes. Like, when traveling, AWAY mode can lower the temperature and enable your security alerts. When you are ready for bed, SLEEP mode can turn off the lights and lock the doors. When you get home, HOME mode can turn on the lights and adjust the thermostat. And do it all from the palm of your hand.

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Smart home convenience at every turn.

Symbio™ can do so much, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Even better, all of the comfort, convenience and safety features of Symbio™ are packed into a single device, eliminating your need to buy multiple products and manage multiple apps. It’s smart, expandable, easy to use and cost effective—making it the perfect addition to your growing smart home.

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